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General Supervisor's statement


about of the center

 Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and His family and companions, King Abdulaziz University is interested in extending bridges of communication with its employees, students, and members of the community and in achieving the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 to activate intelligent communication between the government and the citizens. more...    The Communication and Information Center is administratively subordinate to the Vice Deanship of the University. more...



 Vision   Mission    Objectives

To make the Center a reference and an exemplary model for educational institutions at both regional and global levels..


To contribute to the advancement of services and information provided by King Abdulaziz University to its staff, students and members of the community, and highlight the role of the University in a proper and hoped-for manner..

  Respond and react to all inquiries received by the University in a professional, fast and convenient manner through all means and channels of communication available at the Center. more...


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